What a great evening to celebrate the end of the year the Old Ebbitt Grill for WAPA members to learn all about the upcoming 2018 Washington Auto Show.

Big Thanks to the team from the Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association, (WANADA) for hosting the event to kick off the Auto Show Season where WAPA members found out the inner workings of the upcoming show.

We encourage members to apply for media credentials ASAP.


MobilityTalks International will kick off the show with two days of discussion on autonomous vehicles, regulations, and planning, not only within the USA but worldwide with numerous experts from around the globe.

While Public Policy Day (Media Day) is a great way to get connected to what the show has to offer, there will be events, sports personalities and more at the show every day.

Keep informed with by Getting on the mailing list for press releases from the show.

Work with the WANADA Team to coordinate your 2018 Washington Auto Show Coverage. Their phone number is:


Main WANADA and Washington Auto Show Contacts are:

Interview requests and questions:  Chris Hosford

Media related and Sports Team questions:  Mike Bushnell

See you at the show in January.